Within every photograph there is also the beginning of a story starting ‘Once upon a time..’

I read this sentence in one of my favorite books by Wim Wenders.
It sums up perfectly the way I look at pictures.

I come from Poland where I studied Theater and Drama at the Theater Academy in Warsaw. After graduating I decided to go to London for few months to improve my English, that was 13 years ago. My passion for photography was born so long ago that I don't even remember the exact moment, but I remember buying my first camera. It was here in London. Wanting to know more about the technical side of image taking, I decided to go to the University of Westminster from which I graduated with BA Honours. But to be honest I learned the most from assisting wonderful photographers who became my mentors and dear friends.

I currently live and work as a freelance photographer in London. Any editorial or commercial inquires are welcome.

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